Deni  Sandor  

Racing  Driver Pro Athlete

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Deni Sandor is a Professional Race Car driver currently racing at Formula Delta with the car number 33. Deni has many experiences in different countries, categories and is currently living in the USA. 

Deni Sandor is known as the driver that shows up and make it happen besides being the Pro Athlete driver that makes the most to help children. Currently working as a race car driver, Deni uses a great deal of his time to put together a non-profit, non salary institution for babies and kids that need financial support for health improvements, surgeries and feeding support.

Our extraordinary driver Deni Sandor has Experiences in Formula Ford, Formula 1600, Formula Academy, Formula 3, Formula Inter and Formula Delta.

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"Children are brand new souls, with no habits, no fear, no experiences, and they are the most beautiful miracle that was just delivered to us directly from our Heavenly Father. I want to give them a chance to live, to breath, to grow, to smile and to feel what is like to be loved.

​Deni Sandor - Racing Driver Pro Athlete

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